Butler University Prepares Students to be Racists

Mind Control Butler University

The country demographics are changing, whites aka Caucasians will soon be a minority. Like a good Boy Scout you need to be prepared and at Butler University a black professor is ensuring her classes are ready for a brave new world.

In Political Science 201 students are asked to ignore their “American-ness, maleness, whiteness, heterosexuality, middle-class status” when they write or speak. Forget who you are when you write or speak, pretend you’re not who you think you are or in fact what you are. Let some nutty professor tell you under the guise of racism.

The syllabus of the course at Butler, a small Midwestern liberal arts institution in Indianapolis, spells out that students should use “inclusive language” because it’s “a fundamental issue of social justice.”

“Language that is truly inclusive affirms sexuality, racial and ethnic backgrounds, stages of maturity, and degrees of limiting conditions,” the syllabus states, referencing a definition created by the United Church of Christ.

The Dean approves. Jay Howard, dean of Butler’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, denied this practice essentially presumes every student who walks through the door is a racist or misogynist.

Howard said students must be told not to assume such prejudices because such assumptions are ingrained into the culture and remain there until questioned. With that, a liberal arts education questions these assumptions, and such questions can make for uncomfortable situations, he said.

“Sometimes in order to broaden the conversation and broaden the understandings you’ve got to risk making people uncomfortable,” Howard said.

“There’s nothing about a college education that guarantees you won’t be made uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, if you’re never made uncomfortable in your college education, you’re not really getting a college education.”

Howard said the college he oversees does not want students to continue to harbor such assumptions without question,

“…but neither do we want to exclude the dominant group in society in our attempts to make sure that we’re leveling hierarchies.”

“Our language doesn’t make it easy to write in ways that are inclusive,” Howard said. “We don’t have a generic singular, I mean we have he and she. There is no pronoun that is gender-neutral there.”

This is standard college/university speak right out of 1984 but it’s nothing more than a denial of the truth. It’s thought control by telling what to think and not allowing the student to think and articulate freely. Questions are asked in discussion. Life is uncomfortable, nothing is perfect so why not have an open discussion in class to find out what the students think.

Nancy Whitmore, director of the journalism school in the College of Communication at Butler, said in an interview with The College Fix that students in her department are encouraged to use diverse sources with a wide variety of opinions, but are not mandated to use so-called inclusive language.

Whitmore said she is unsure what educators in Butler’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences mean when they ask students to write without assuming certain things to be the norm.

“I don’t think I could ever write from a black woman’s point of view because I’ve never been a black woman,” Whitmore said.

You are who you are. You can receive the finest education but you develop over time on your own and of course your environment will have an effect. But being force fed to ignore who you are at the present time and place as you articulate in this form is racism on the merits.

Robin Turner, Political Science Butler UniversitySimilar to political correctness we have people attempting to force something on you that may not be in your belief system. Racism is bad but does the liberal ilk think they can change that by telling you what you can say and can’t say. They will certainly try and the younger the mind the better their chances of brainwashing children.

Marxism, alive and well on college campuses. Beware students, it’s 1984. If you don’t know what 1984 means you better find out and really educate yourself.

The professor was not named in the article but some research tells me there is one Political Science 201 course taught at Butler and the professor is Robin Turner Assistant Professor – Political Science
rlturne1@butler.edu, (317)940-8559, Jordan Hall – 345.

Feel free to contact Ms. Turner and let her know your feelings about racism and lacking of freedom to individual discourse in the classroom.

Please Note: I’ve been called out in the comments of this post and on Facebook that by printing the picture, name and contact information of Ms. Robin Turner that I’m inviting and actually telling people to harass her. Reading between the lines and great imagination at the least. I have not and did not tell people to harass anyone. The information provided was easily gleaned from the Butler University website faculty directory, is in the public domain and can be found by anyone. This is nothing but more Leftist hysteria. These people have no substance so they attack the messenger. If you contact Ms. Turner, be polite, express your opinion and keep your comments non-vulgar and respectful.

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