GOP Bastards

GOP Bastards

Excuse the title but I needed to be as accurate as possible since the liars in the GOP establishment, the so-called leadership, is readying to pass a bill before you can read the bill. Sound familiar? These “bastards” are no better than Democrats when satisfying their lobbyists to spend your tax money on pet projects and to pass the power of the purse over to Barack Obama.

What has me so lathered? This headline:

Watchdogs brace for surprises in massive $1.014T spending bill

That “T” following the number is for TRILLION followed by the word “SPENDING.”

It’s the holiday season so the politicians are loading up their sleigh and getting to deliver on their promises, not to you Mr. and Ms. Taxpayer who gave them their power but to their pals who run the PACs, bundle the money, and deliver the ads during the never ending campaign seasons.

Those “promises” about repealing Obamacare and stopping executive orders for amnesty? Forget it, those where lies from, as Michelle Malkin says, the “lying liars” who are giving their buddies what they want and Obama what he wants. They think they’re cute, I think anarchy shouldn’t be far away and these Bastards need to be removed from government, by force if need be.

What is being planned? Only the appropriators know and they’re are not talking. Will we get 72 hours to read the bill and the earmarks, and other attachments of goodies? Not likely.

So fearful of a government shutdown the GOP is ready to pass the House bill, one that will have smooth sailing in Harry Reid’s lame-duck Senate. If Reid allows a House bill to be voted on you know it’s a miserable document which pleases Obama and hurts the country.

Senate Democrats have negotiated this bill and aren’t happy but not to worry, $1.1 trillion has plenty to keep government rolling through September 2015 and your new GOP majority will have nothing to say about it. This amounts to a wasted elected up to now.

Over at the Democrat Party shill, The Politico, they’re writing as though they’ve read the secret package and Obama is getting whacked. It’s business as usual while Obama runs roughshod over the Constitution and the GOP leadership and their minions allow it. Bastards all – off with their heads!


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Blacks on Black Oppression

Barack Obama, Eric Holder and the Democrat Party have led America into racial strife and hatred. They have drawn a line in the sand to pit Blacks/African-American’s against Whites. Now Chicago Black activists are tired and they are standing up and placing blame. Watch below:

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50 Years Later: Reagan’s ‘A Time for Choosing’ Speech

Fifty years ago today Ronald Reagan gave the speech that launched his career in politics and made him a star.

The speech, called “A Time for Choosing,” aired to a primetime NBC audience and made him a household name.

Reagan’s speech is still powerful, as Stuart Stevens said in the Daily Beast:

Read today, the speech still vibrates with a passionate intensity rarely found in any contemporary political discourse. This wasn’t a focused-grouped, calculated appeal to different constituencies. It was the voice of one man, deeply troubled by the course of his nation. Just as the Gettysburg Address was written without expectation that it would find greatness, Reagan’s speech was not intended to launch a career or a movement. It was a message from the heart.

Like it or hate it, like him or hate him, on Oct. 27, 1964, Ronald Reagan told America what he deeply believed. And it’s a hell of a speech.

Televised Campaign Address for Goldwater Presidential Campaign – 10/27/64.


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