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Why Donald Trump for POTUS?

Crippled America

Yes, Donald J. Trump, billionaire extraordinaire is leading in the polls and leading by quite the margin. Yes, there are some recent polls showing Ben Carson leading Mr. Trump but these are not what I call legitimate polls. One from Elon University with a student population about the size of the polling sample.

Nevertheless, why should we elect Donald J. Trump at President of the United States? I’ve read his book, I’ve studied his policy papers and for the most part, I’m all in. But the number one thing that brought Trump from a maybe candidate to a real candidate was the issue of immigration, primarily illegal immigration. This topic sits side-by-side with every other policy concern including the economy, taxes, education, military, race, religion, national security, government regulation, gun rights, health care, trade, American jobs, rule of law and the US Constitution.

The number used concerning illegals is 11 million but that number is so stale it’s moldy and green. How about 20, 30 or 40 million? That is not far-fetched because no one is counting and deporting them may be more difficult than herding cats but Trumps promises it will be done with a “Deportation Force.” I say – go for it.

What launched Trump’s campaign was “offensive” to many but sometimes the truth hurts. He called many who come into the US rapists, thieves, murderers and criminals. Well as soon as they enter the US illegally they’re criminals.

Now one activist group from the Latin quarter decided to take matters to a new level and demonstrate why illegals should, in fact, be deported back to their homeland.

Deport Racism PAC put up a now-viral video featuring young children telling Donald Trump and his supporters — and others who are concerned about the immigration crisis — to go f*** themselves.┬áTo all those Americans concerned about the security, economic, and cultural impact the immigration crisis has wrought, these youngsters have a message, and it’s “f*** you, you f****** d***!” complete with a bird flip (from a 10-year-old!)

It’s heartwarming to know that the parents of these kids, who have not come to the US using the legal channels required and are demanding citizenship, are doing their part to raise such moral and upstanding Americans.

Deport Racism

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Posted by Don Anastas - November 11, 2015 at 7:29 pm

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Mitch McConnell – Pro Abortion, Pro Infanticide, Pro Selling Baby Parts

Pro Abortion Mitch McConnell

Listening to a recent Mark Levin podcast he had former Lt. Governor of Virginia and President of the Senate Conservative Fund to discuss Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and his stance concerning abortion. I was astonished even by the standards I set for McConnell as a liar, RINO and Obama aide.

Currently McConnell is doing his smoke and mirrors Kabuki dance to make anyone paying attention he’s prepared to defund Planned Parenthood, the industry standard for abortion, infanticide and selling of baby parts. The stage is set, McConnell has this plan inserted in a temporary continuing resolution (CR) to fund the government and avoid a government shutdown even though only 17% of non-essential services will go off the radar if their is no Senate and House action.

Let’s take a look at McConnell’s troubling record on abortion:

  1. In 1992, McConnell voted to allow taxpayer-funded research using body parts from aborted babies. Roll Call Vote #263, 10/2/92 – This policy, which was vetoed by President George H. W. Bush but later signed into law by President Bill Clinton, had the effect of making abortion even more profitable for Planned Parenthood.
  2. Also in 1992, McConnell voted to overturn the so-called “Reagan Rule” that prohibited Planned Parenthood from using taxpayer dollars for pro-abortion counseling. Roll Call Vote #254, 10/1/92 McConnell’s vote in this case was to override President Bush’s veto, but the House sustained it. Then, in 1993, President Clinton overturned the “Reagan Rule” by Executive Order on the first day of his administration.
  3. In 1997, McConnell again voted against a targeted ban on federal funding for research on body parts from abortions. Roll Call Vote #215, 9/4/97 This time, McConnell was one of 14 liberal Republicans who voted to allow taxpayer-funded research on body parts from abortions.
  4. McConnell has voted for at least 15 bills that provided funding for Planned Parenthood dating back to 1998.This is important because it shows how long Senator McConnell has tolerated this funding and refused to do anything meaningful to stop it.Senator McConnell says defunding Planned Parenthood has to wait until Republicans control the White House, but at least five of his past votes to fund it were when Republicans controlled the House, Senate, and White House.

In the first three examples, McConnell crossed the then-current Republican president and many of his Republican colleagues in the Senate to open the door for taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood and for research on body parts from aborted babies.

Not only is Mitch McConnell not a Conservative, not pro-life, not a true leader he has aided and abetted the funding of Planned Parenthood and the genocide that comes out of the holy grail of the abortion industry, an industry that should not only be defunded but shutdown. Since when is murder legal in the United States of America?


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Posted by Don Anastas - September 24, 2015 at 6:33 pm

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Anchor Babies – Not Constitutional

Birthright Citizenship

“Anchor Babies” is in the news because presidential candidate Donald J. Trump has been using the term on the stump and people in the media and political class are offended. Too Bad!

What is an anchor baby? When a foreigner or illegal alien (non-US citizen) comes to the USA to have a baby for the purpose of making the baby a US citizen. The baby becomes a US citizen giving the illegal alien/foreign parent and their family grounds to come to and stay in the US and become eligible for government benefits. Also called a “jackpot baby”.

However, “anchor babies” have been the norm for decades and other terms in the US and Canada. With an open border in the Southwest United States many see a huge advantage to giving birth in the US as opposed to in their native country.

The political class doesn’t want to uphold the law to stop illegals from streaming across the US border, they don’t want a wall, they want cheap labor and future votes to secure their place. A huge problem exists however – birthright citizenship is NOT in the Constitution. You can find plenty of so-called legal scholars to say the opposite but research demonstrates the Constitution does not make a child born in the US of a non-citizen makes that child a US citizen.

Here is a great interview (2-parts) with Mark Levin and Professor Edward Erler, Senior Fellow at the Claremont Institute. It’s worth your time, they really dissect all the subjects on amending the Constitution, the 14 amendment, defining what it means to be subject to the jurisdiction and a host of other things – in a nutshell – there is nothing in the Constitution that provides for Birthright Citizenship – NOTHING!!!

Professor Erler has also written at National Review Online concerning this topic.

Birthright citizenship is the policy whereby the children of illegal aliens born within the geographical limits of the U.S. are entitled to American citizenship, it is a great magnet for illegal immigration.

Although the Constitution of 1787 mentioned citizens, it did not define citizenship.

Those who defy the laws of the U.S. should not be allowed to confer such an advantage on their children. A nation that cannot determine who becomes citizens or believes that it must allow the children of those who defy its laws to become citizens is no longer a sovereign nation.

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Posted by Don Anastas - August 26, 2015 at 11:17 am

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