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Anchor Babies – Not Constitutional

Birthright Citizenship

“Anchor Babies” is in the news because presidential candidate Donald J. Trump has been using the term on the stump and people in the media and political class are offended. Too Bad!

What is an anchor baby? When a foreigner or illegal alien (non-US citizen) comes to the USA to have a baby for the purpose of making the baby a US citizen. The baby becomes a US citizen giving the illegal alien/foreign parent and their family grounds to come to and stay in the US and become eligible for government benefits. Also called a “jackpot baby”.

However, “anchor babies” have been the norm for decades and other terms in the US and Canada. With an open border in the Southwest United States many see a huge advantage to giving birth in the US as opposed to in their native country.

The political class doesn’t want to uphold the law to stop illegals from streaming across the US border, they don’t want a wall, they want cheap labor and future votes to secure their place. A huge problem exists however – birthright citizenship is NOT in the Constitution. You can find plenty of so-called legal scholars to say the opposite but research demonstrates the Constitution does not make a child born in the US of a non-citizen makes that child a US citizen.

Here is a great interview (2-parts) with Mark Levin and Professor Edward Erler, Senior Fellow at the Claremont Institute. It’s worth your time, they really dissect all the subjects on amending the Constitution, the 14 amendment, defining what it means to be subject to the jurisdiction and a host of other things – in a nutshell – there is nothing in the Constitution that provides for Birthright Citizenship – NOTHING!!!

Professor Erler has also written at National Review Online concerning this topic.

Birthright citizenship is the policy whereby the children of illegal aliens born within the geographical limits of the U.S. are entitled to American citizenship, it is a great magnet for illegal immigration.

Although the Constitution of 1787 mentioned citizens, it did not define citizenship.

Those who defy the laws of the U.S. should not be allowed to confer such an advantage on their children. A nation that cannot determine who becomes citizens or believes that it must allow the children of those who defy its laws to become citizens is no longer a sovereign nation.

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Posted by Don Anastas - August 26, 2015 at 11:17 am

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Valerie Jarrett’s Power Matrix

Americans may have voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, but it’s Valerie Jarrett that’s influencing what’s happening in the White House, the administration and the country. Most of the Obamas’ closest allies are from Chicago, as are the vast majority of Jarrett’s insider power matrix.

The chart below doesn’t mention Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Obama’s pastor Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Eric Whittaker, Arne Duncan, Lisa Madigan, Mike Madigan or the Pritzkers – all from Chicago, too.

Keep in mind, Rahm Emanuel and William Daley both left the White House partially because of run ins with Jarrett. She is best friends with Michelle Obama and heavily influences decision making.

Valerie Jarrett Power Matrix

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Posted by Don Anastas - March 18, 2015 at 3:36 pm

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Why Speaker Boehner Must Go

Boehner Spineless Hypocrite Liar

Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner (R-OH) represents total lack of leadership and is as untrustworthy as Barack Obama. He has lied consistently to the American voters who provided him with a majority in the House and to Republicans who chose not to fight and put into the Speaker’s position. He has promised is invoke the “Hastert Rule”, also known as the “majority of the majority” rule which promises not to bring bills to the floor of the House for a vote without a majority of Republicans on board to vote yes.

More than once Boehner has chosen to win votes for a contentious bill not favored by a majority of House Republicans by having Democrats vote Yes and push the legislation across the finish line. The latest was the funding bill for Department of Homeland Security which approved Barack Obama’s illegal amnesty for lawbreakers who broke into the United States across the Southern border.

With mention of a “coup” to remove Boehner from his position as Speaker talk is that it could only be done with help from Democrats because not enough Republicans have the backbone to move on this. In fact, only 30% of the Republicans in the House voted for the DHS funding bill so it passed with 100% of the Democrats. This has gone beyond problematic. Boehner has ignored the voters who gave him the majority and House members who relented and gave him one more chance to prove himself as a leader, not a rubber stamp for the minority and Obama.

To my surprise the head of the House Black Caucus, Rep. G.K. Butterfield (D-NC), a group I consider Marxist, had this to say.

“If they’ve got the votes to make it happen, then they should act accordingly. But I would not want Democrats to be a part of that. I would give deference to the choice of the Republicans.”

Exactly, Republicans should decide and they need to get an honest broker of American voters’ wishes as leader in the House.

From a real Conservative, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), chairman of the conservative Freedom Caucus speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union” program.

“The point is to do what we told the voters we were going to do and do it in a way that’s consistent with the United States Constitution.”

The Left and many in the GOP refer to the Tea Party or Right-Wing as extremists but in reality these groups and non-groups are average citizens, many who don’t belong to any organization but voted to stop the Obama lawlessness, stop illegal immigration, stop and repeal Obamacare and for Republicans to take a stand and fight for them. There were promises aplenty on the campaign trail and when the current session of Congress began. But when the rubber met the road the so-called leadership in the House and Senate quickly capitulated and allowed the minority to have their way. Nothing has changed.

A report yesterday claims that Boehner was negotiating with House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), using Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Tuesday address to Congress as cover. Of course full denial from Boehner’s office is in place.

Since Friday, Pelosi and Boehner have held quiet rounds of negotiations and maneuvering to push the measure through the House over the objections of a cadre of conservatives in Boehner’s conference who scuttled a three-week funding bill in a dramatic showdown last week. As late as Tuesday, Boehner tapped Democrats to help pass a procedural rule for a funding bill for Amtrak that Republicans were threatening to bring down if it did not include a provision that would stop a clean DHS bill from moving forward. But Pelosi pledged Democratic support to move forward — a departure from normal where the minority party always votes against rules brought by the party controlling the floor.

The vote Tuesday is just the latest chapter in a long-running saga between Democrats and Boehner,” French wrote. “The Ohio Republican is often forced to turn to Pelosi to deliver votes when legislation, like government spending bills and increases to the debt limit, fail to garner enough support from Republicans. That gives Pelosi, who has watched her caucus sink into the deepest minority Democrats have experienced in decades, an unusually powerful hand in times of crisis.

What crisis? Government shutdown? NO! DHS shutdown? NO! Attempt to stop Obama and his lawlessness? YES!

Boehner and Pelosi two debated last Friday, after a 3 week extension to fund DHS was passed, using a little-known procedure called Rule 22 to allow a vote on a long-term funding bill for DHS that was clean of any policy riders. That maneuver, which was ultimately used to pass the DHS bill on Tuesday, allowed House lawmakers to reverse an earlier vote against a clean bill, after the House and Senate were unable to forge an agreement to enter conference negotiations before DHS funding expires.

I’ve called Boehner’s office on other issues to complain and the staff is as rancid as anything you’d expect from DC. Of course, as a constituent you might expect some respect and for the staff person to be at least cordial but that’s not the case. Disagree with John Boehner and you’re out!

Boehner is in league with Democrats, radical Progressives/Marxist and is aiding and abetting Obama’s illegal, un-Constitutional actions. He must be sent packing, there is no alternative if Obama is to be stopped and the voters are listened to.



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Posted by Don Anastas - March 6, 2015 at 2:34 pm

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