Kids Act – Backdoor Path to Amnesty

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A Storm is Brewing – FIGHT BACK!

Well, well, those sneaky Devils in the House of Representative. I’m talking about Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) and Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) both from Virginia, both Republicans. Thomas Jefferson is rolling in his grave.

In the past 12 years Congress has debated the Dream Act but now they will be holding a hearing to discuss granting citizenship for approximately 2.8 million children brought to the US by illegal immigrant parents.  Today the Judiciary Committee will hold hearings to discuss this issue.

I’ve called Speaker Boehner’s offices (yes plural) and they tell me there is currently no legislation and there is no bill text to read. Nice work, they’re debating something that doesn’t exist.

Barack Obama has already sidestepped Congress with his use of Executive Orders to implement certain portions of the Dream Act. Politicians will use terms like “for the children” and “compassion.”

I’m compassionate and I care about children. But in a country of over 300 million legal citizens based on rule of law we’re talking about a number bounced around at 11 million but some estimate put the number of illegal immigrant in the US at 23 million.

Boehner’s office danced around the issue with me with the no legislation excuse but I got a quote from Boehner:

“This is about basic fairness. These children were brought here of no accord of their own. Frankly, they’re in a very difficult position and I think many of our members believe that this issue needs to be addressed.”

Ok, the “Kids Act” allows children brought to the US illegally to become citizens so what happens to the parent? Do they get sent back leaving the children behind? You know that’s not going to happen.

Conservative Representative of Iowa, Steve King, understands this “children’s” excuse.

“. . . it’s never the kids fault, but that’s not a reason to sacrifice the rule of law. All of us, our parents did a lot of right things, and they made some mistakes. We’re the beneficiaries of our parents’ good decisions and we pay the price of our parents’ bad decisions. So why would we exempt a class of people for that?”

Rep. Cantor chimed in:

“Where else would these kids go? Again, they’ve been brought here as a minor in many instances having no idea what was going on, knowing no other place than America as home.”

Very good question, where indeed? In reality the House is merely kicking the can down the road but will tell you they are approaching the issue in “chunks.”

Heritage Foundation has 5 questions for Congress and you can ask them with a phone call. Don’t expect honest answers but call, the more the merrier.

1. Would this endanger the lives of children by encouraging greater trafficking across the increasingly dangerous U.S.-Mexico border?

2. Is the proposal fair to the estimated 4.4 million people who are waiting to come to the U.S. legally?

3. Would it promote greater family chain migration, resulting in double or triple the number of illegal aliens ultimately receiving amnesty?

4. What is to prevent DREAM Act legislation from becoming a vehicle for an amnesty like the Senate bill?

5. What would make this different from the past proposals that have been repeatedly rejected by Congress?

If you expect our political class to be honest with us then DREAM ON!

Look up your Representative and call, call and call. Merely type your zip code.

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