Mark Levin – Insecure Bully, Not So Great

Mark Levin Insecure Bully

I’ve done plenty of listening to talk radio and I’ve given up. I don’t want to hear about the NFL and Apple products from Rush Limbaugh, I don’t want to hear the Me, I, My of egotist Sean Hannity and I have really got a gripe with Mark Levin, the so-called “Great One.”

I’ve purchased Levin’s books and even promoted them on this site, at Facebook and Google Plus. I listened to Levin’s shows live or on podcast. I learned about the History Channel show “Pawn Stars” from Levin and gave that show ample viewing time.

My consensus on Pawn Stars is it may be entertaining for some but I find the featured players disgusting and classless. I find Rick Harrison to be a bold faced liar to unsuspecting and desperate customers. But I’m not the only one who thinks Harrison is a liar or con man.

And this from Tom Somach at Gambling911:

A blurb about “Pawn Stars” on The History Channel website,, reads: “After 28 years in the business, Rick Harrison is an expert when it comes to spotting anything fake or stolen.

“As far as big-ticket items, Rick is the man for the job. Spotting a fake Cartier watch that most people would mistakenly purchase for $30,000 is just one of his many skills.

“Often acting as the middleman between his father and his son, Rick is the glue that holds this family and business together. Trained in the pawn business from the age of 13, Rick was born a hustler.

“He even dropped out of high school to pursue his $2,000-a-week business of selling fake Gucci bags. With enough money to partner with his father at the age of 23, he never looked back.”

From illegal counterfeit designer goods peddler to reality show TV star.

Only in America and only in Las Vegas!

More power to you if you can “honestly” make a buck or millions. However, Mark Levin brags about Harrison as the great negotiator telling his audience to watch the show to learn real negotiating skills. Really? What happened to win/win. Harrison and his minions know a sucker when they see one and they know a gambler looking for his next fix when they smell one. Afterall, Rick Harrison learning his “negotiating skills” knowingly selling illegal goods.

If you’ve ever listened to Levin you know he’s a bully and I suppose his audience loves it. If you comment on websites that lean Conservative you’ll quickly find out the Leftist trolls are out there ready to slam your every word. If your Liberal or merely disagree with Levin you will be subject to his yelling, insults and most likely getting hung up on with more salty diatribes pointed at you. Even if your moderate or Conservative you’d better be careful not to have another point of view with Levin.

I wrote on Levin’s Facebook wall from my business FB under a different login concerning my feelings about Rick Harrison and Pawn Stars and I kept it clean. At a later date I went to comment on a post Levin broadcast at FB and found there was no text box for me. That meant I was blocked by Levin and whoever administrates his FB page. Nice, censored because I didn’t agree with the “Great One.”

Levin is an intelligent man but he’s obnoxious and uncouth. And for someone who has great knowledge of the Constitution he practices censorship when he doesn’t agree with your opinion even if you lay out an intelligent argument without shouting or swearing.

In the end, the “Great One” isn’t so great, he’s merely and insecure bully hiding behind his microphone and keyboard much like the Leftists trolling Conservative websites.

P.S. I posted this on Levin’s FB page from my LC FB login. Let’s see how long before I get banned.

UPDATE: I checked Mark Levin’s FB page at 10:20 pm EST and I’ve been blocked and my post referring this post with comments from other readers, two of three agreeing with me, was removed. I rest my case Mr. Mark Levin – you proved me absolutely correct.

UPDATE: Coincidence or not? A friend told me Mark Levin posted on FB for his Friday, March 29 show the following: GREAT GUEST AT 8:30 PM – RICK HARRISON OF PAWN STARS!

UPDATE: I still listen to Mark Levin, I have his books now loaded on my Kindle apps, and I promote his Podcasts in my right sidebar. Despite the differences I have as stated above Mr. Levin still teaches a great deal about law, justice, the US Constitution and history. Am I a hypocrite? No, i merely wish to promote the positive for visitors and readers so they too can be more informed.

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