Obama’s Flag – A Disgrace

As the American Flag is burning around the world, embassies are under siege, one ambassador as been killed along with others, our military is at risk from people they are training Barack Obama is selling out our flag.

Obama ventures off to Las Vegas, David Letterman, the 40-40 club and other parts unknown while skipping out on national security briefings “Obama for America” is selling it’s own version of the Stars and Stripes.

But, forget the stars and add the pathetic Obama logo where the field of stars belong.

Barack Hussein Obama's Flag


Right when you think you’ve seen all the audacity of contempt for the United States of America the Obama campaign demonstrates it has only one flag, a flag with the Obama logo.

He really can’t even stand the United States Presidential Seal, only something he can call his own will satisfy an ego competing with the size of the universe will do.

$35 US dollars to purchase a rag as a contribution to the desperate Obama campaign, they can stoop no lower, yet.

If you still have questions about Obama’s motives and his loyalty then you may be lost forever. This is a person who absolutely hates anything USA.

Wake Up America – vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on November 6, 2012. It may be your last chance.

If Obama wins reelection he will show the world his “flexibility” in turning America into a third-world land and a dictatorship.

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