Ohio Governor Kasich Folds, Joins Obama’s Communist Party

John Kasich RINO

RINO On Parade

Headline a little harsh? So is my morning coffee as the first thing I pull up is the following headline:

Surrender: Ohio Gov. Kasich Spurns Tea Party, Backs Obamacare Medicaid Expansion; Left Celebrates

Another appropriate word would be SELLOUT and how about LIAR!

Kasich campaigned on his Congressional reputation as a budget hawk, now he should merely call himself an off the rack cheap suit. Kasich in one more politician who rode the Tea Party wave to victory in 2010. His arrogance smells of rotting fish.

Initially, the Obamacare legislation compelled states to grow their Medicaid programs. Numerous cash-strapped states objected, and signed up with the Obamacare court action in which the Supreme Court decided this past year. One of the few bright spots for conservatives within an otherwise disastrous determination had been the Court affirmed the 10th Amendment right of states to opt out of the Medicaid part of Obamacare.

Just a few Republican governors, even individuals who stated they’d opposed Obamacare. made the decision in which the federal government’s offer under the law to cover 100% of the preliminary expense of expansion as well as 90% afterwards seemed to be merely too good to reject. The possibilities of having the ability to inform voters that he had significantly broadened Medicaid access, and the anxiety of confronting Democrat assaults for not doing so, appears to have persuaded Kasich to agree to the offer.

In 2011 Ohio voters passed a Constitutional amendment that keeps the state from taking part in Obamacare’s insurance mandates. Kasich has now retreated from the position in opposition to Obamacare that had enjoyed broad public support. Kasich has now placed himself against Congressional Republicans who are fighting Obama and Democrats over federal spending and entitlement reform. Kasich has fed the pig and ignored the constituents that put him into office.

Where the States Stand


Obama and his ilk have pledged a fight against any proposal that cuts spending on Medicaid spending but this is no surprise as the Spender-in-Chief has opposed any cuts except to the military.

And when someone starts complimenting a known Communist operative advising Obama such as Valerie Jarret, as Gov. Kasich has, we know they switched sides.

“I want to thank Valerie Jarrett today for being willing to work with us.”

If anything John Kasich is a political coward, not of the intestinal fortitude of Wisconsin’s Gov. Walker. Not to worry, the Left is celebrating this about face.

Democrat strategist Ed Kilgore crowed that Kasich’s move “will make the arguments of nay-sayers harder,” adding that he had given up his “political stock in trade” of fiscal conservatism.

I concur, Kasich should not be caught calling himself a Conservative while he spins this turn against the majority of voters in Ohio. He is a RINO on parade.

What will Kasich do when the federal government reneges on their promise to pay up for this canard? Raise taxes in Ohio? Bet his friend Obama to assist him? Have a meeting with his new pal Valerie Jarrett?

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