Paul Ryan – Getting Sucked into the Liberal Vortex

Paul Ryan, Sellout, Sucker

I recently opined on how Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has turned on the Tea Party and grassroots voters who trusted him to be more Conservative than not.

Next, Ryan stated that he’s in favor of an Internet Sales Tax which I went over in detail here before the Wisconsin representative chimed in himself.

Now I find some not so well advertised information that the House Budget Committee Chairman met with White House chief of staff Denis McDonoughat at Brasserie Beck, a Belgian restaurant that serves over 100 beers, on how they could find possible avenues to reaching a budget deal.

Remember when Speaker Boehner (R-OH) had secret meetings with Barack Obama, selling out the country and nearly his Speakershiip?

“He’s a Minnesota Irish Catholic guy, and I’m a Wisconsin Irish Catholic guy,” Ryan told Time magazine. “It quickly dawned on me that we can work together.”

One unnamed commenter at The Hill lamented:

Oh great …..a couple of Irishmen sucking beers at the local tap is our latest greatest hope to cut our spending problem and DEBT CRISIS. The first step in recovery ….is admitting you have a problem….

And I hope Boehner, McConnell, Cantor and another Irishman Kevin McCarthy don’t forget we have a spending problem …..Something I think Paul Ryan has already forgotten.

Sucking beer while Ryan got “sucked in” by the so-called charm offensive. It’s no wonder Ryan’s out campaigning with Marxist Luis Gutierrez promoting the rancid Gang of 8 Amnesty bill and recently favoring an Internet Sales Tax.

“It was the first time I have had a candid conversation or a substantial conversation with a member of the Obama administration since they came into power,” Ryan said.

Candid? Did Ryan not see the smoke and mirrors. Does he not remember that “deal” Boehner struck with Obama only to have “The One” ask for more money making the House Speaker look more like a fool than he has already demonstrated?

And I love when Republicans are off telling people it’s time to “compromise.” Willing to “compromise.” Harry Reid once said:

“Compromise is voting for what I want.”

Ryan should have one T-Shirt that says “Sellout” and another that states “Sucker.”

Ryan had officially joined RINO Inc. Trusting Ryan makes us all “Suckers.”