Ronald Reagan and Gun Control

Ronald Reagan Gun Control

Leftists like to invoke Ronald Reagan into the gun control debate since he was the victim of an assassination attempt and wounded. Following this incident the Brady Law came along.

New York Mayor Bloomberg has groups visiting all 50 states in an attempt to hold rallies for more background checks but also much more control on your right to bear arms.

United Network of Rational Americans uses ad footage to argue that expanded background checks might have prevented John Hinckley Jr. from shooting the president. It also says Reagan himself made that argument.

“President Reagan believed something could have prevented the attack,” the ad’s narrator says. “Ten years later, he wrote the attack might never have happened if a bill requiring background checks had been law.”

President Reagan did indeed support the kind of background checks that are currently law as part of the Brady legislation in a New York Times op-ed.

Reagan was discussing handguns, not rifles and shotguns and he gave priority to state-level legislation not the federal government. Ronald Reagan was all for states-rights not bigger and more powerful federal government.

“Named for Jim Brady, this legislation would establish a national seven-day waiting period before a handgun purchaser could take delivery. It would allow local law enforcement officials to do background checks for criminal records or known histories of mental disturbances. Those with such records would be prohibited from buying the handguns.”

Obama, Bloomberg and all the anti-gun rights Marxists are out to disarm America so they use Ronald Reagan, our last great President, as a way to get around the truth, the facts and the Constitution.

The Devil is always in the details and the Marxists in America will always use a false narrative to take your Constitutional rights away.