Rudy Giuliani Embraces Presidential Bid


This photo of Rudy Giuliani (R-NY) should endear him to the religious right, an important constituency in any successful Republican run for the White House. It didn’t take long to make the front page and receive quotes from a possible “First Lady”.

Wife Judi, 52, insisted that when her hubby takes the plunge, she won’t mind playing second fiddle to his political ambitions – and she revealed the famously tough-as-nails former mayor’s sensitive side.

“I’ve always liked strong, macho men, and Rudy – I’m not saying this because he’s my husband – is one of the smartest people on the planet.”

“What people don’t know is that Rudy’s a very, very romantic guy. We love watching ‘Sleepless in Seattle.’ Can you imagine my big testosterone-factor husband doing that?”

Judi also praised his generous side, which was responsible for the pricey pearl necklace she sported, along with a sexy black dress and stockings, for the mag’s [Harper’s Bazaar] titillating photo.

Giuliani is socially Liberal supporting abortion, gay marriage, anti-gun, pro-amnesty for illegal aliens, yet is a hawk on national defense.

Maybe they can keep wife Judi off the talk show circuit and under wraps for a few years. The Giuliani announcement could have come at the circus with Rudy being shot out of a cannon and have the same effect. Not exactly Laura Bush, indeed!

Source: New York Post