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Spring Break – Obama Style

Malia Ann Obama

Malia Ann Obama

Like mommy like daughter – 13-year-old Malia Ann Obama is enjoying Spring break in Mexico, despite US travel warnings.

Guess who’s picking up the tab for this one? And not just the young Obama but 12 of her friends, 25 Secret Service agents and even Mexican police.

The group, which arrived in Oaxaca Saturday, has already visited the architectural zone of Mitla and the tree of El Tule believed to have one thousand years.

The sightseeing plan also includes visits to Monte Alban known for its archeological research sites and Oaxaca’s famous artisan quarters.

One Mexican police confirmed to AFP news:

“We are here to block access to the hotel by other people and escort the vehicles that are carrying the visitors to tourism sites.”

13 years old, no parents and a trip to Mexico. How nice that American taxpayers can foot the bill for all the fun and travel for an unelected person and her pals.

According to Breitbarts “Big Government” the story is quickly being scrubbed.

The Yahoo News link now diverts to a completely different story, in contrast to the url: The headline now reads: Senegal music star Youssou Ndour hits campaign trail.

Texas Department of Public Safety has issued a warning, advising students on Spring Break to not travel to Mexico due to increased violence.

Of course not all visitors will have 25 Secret Service agents guarding them and special escorts ensuring their safety.

Not to worry – Daddy Obama claims the US economy is rapidly improving. Tell that to millions still unemployed.

Nevertheless, Malia Obama is following the spendthrift traditions of her mommy, spending money that isn’t hers, entertaining her friends and using up valuable government services all for a good time in a foreign country. Imagine that!

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