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University of Mount Union – Security or Sexism

Men Not Permitted

I have served my country in the US Army, I have volunteered as a licensed soccer coach for youth  ages 5 – 17+, I have been a Cub Scout/Boy Scout leader and I understand old and new rules as they have been updated and refined over the years to protect our youth. I must ask, who’s protecting responsible and honest adults?

I understand our world has changed and many have stepped over the bounds of the US Constitution under the guise of protection and security. We have mayors such as the one in New York City and his pathetic city council who want to tell us what size our soft drink may be, how big our popcorn at the theater should be, if or if not we should be allowed to drink coffee with milk products such as a latte.

We have Barack Obama stepping all over the Constitution telling us lies and his wife chiming in telling everyone to eat healthy and coercing businesses and schools to change what they feed people.

And today I find myself in a familiar place in Alliance, Ohio at the University of Mount Union not as well known for its high academic standards necessarily (of course I did grad school at Northwestern University so maybe I’m just a snob) but for their Division III football championships. It’s really a lovely campus and over the years I have praised it.

In fact, I’ve spent considerable time walking the perimeter of this private institution as well as up, down and around their many walkways on the campus.

Tonight was different as the Buckeye State Girls are visiting and they can’t be missed walking in supervised groups from one place to the other with what appears to be adult supervision. What is Buckeye State Girls?

Buckeye Girls State is the name given to Ohio’s Girls State program, which was designed to educate Ohio’s young women in the duties, privileges, rights and responsibilities of good citizenship. By getting involved in the process, Delegates can learn more about City, County and State Government in one week than they will learn in an entire semester of high school.

The Ohio American Legion Auxiliary has been a proud sponsor of Buckeye Girls State for the past sixty-four years. The program has been honored by such organizations as Freedom’s Foundation at Valley Forge and the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

During my walk I was about to cross paths with one considerable group so I immediately changed directions to avoid any contact or to interrupt activities. Actually this happened the other night too and I altered my route. You see, I’m considerate about these things and like them, I’m a guest on campus. I’m also a US citizen, well read, up with current events and I have a host of other interests in my personal portfolio. I understand today, like yesterday and thousands of years ago, there are predators, perverts and let’s face it, we find them in our churches and organizations and schools everywhere. In fact, maybe one of the adult supervisors for the Buckeye State Girls, or volunteers, has ulterior motives that aren’t in the best interest of today’s youth. I understand they’re out their no matter the background checks, no matter the trust.

Yet, this evening was quite different from the many, many times I have traversed the University of Mount Union campus and it’s perimeter. As I approached a war memorial standing in front of an American flag waving on a poll a campus security guard pulled up in his golf cart as I moved over for him to pass but he stopped and said I would have to remove myself from the campus because there was a large group of girls on campus.

I was livid (actually livid is an understatement) but anyone knowing me knows I wasn’t going to leave quietly. I immediately let him know what I thought and went straight to the nearest exterior street and to my vehicle. I drove a short distance to the security office, went in and was told it wasn’t their fault but the girls were all under 18 so no men. I asked what about during the time of year when campus was is full session and they said there were men and women on campus then. However, there are still some men and women, students living on campus – I’ve seen them going in and out of campus housing. I’ve been on this campus time and again with different events going on during the summer months, security has passed and waved and never said a peep.

But today, in the year of our Lord 2012 I was asked to leave the campus because I was of the male persuasion.

My brother was a salty, crusty iron worker who might have this to say to the University of Mount Union administration, the security detail (just doing their job) and anyone of the so-called politically correct geniuses who has invoked sexism under the guise of security on their campus.

Grab a plastic bucket and shovel with a ball-peen hammer. Go down to the beach, fill the bucket with sand and then – grab that hammer and go pound sand.

Maybe it’s not so much about a responsible guy like me taking a walk with his pedometer around a college campus but the visiting girls who hike up their skirts to the base of the “cheeks” while men are told to leave the campus. I could care less about a bunch of screaming bimbos, they’re irrelevant but the so-called security is a poor excuse for responsibility. Did anyone check to see if the female adult supervisors had any lesbians amongst them?

They should really take my brothers advice, indeed! I won’t be back ever again – off to Ludington, MI where kids and families play on the beach and men are allowed 24/7/365. If I want to see purple school colors I can visit good old Northwestern. Men allowed there too.

One last thing – on Friday’s UMC displays an ad on their marquee for something like “fuel-less” Friday’s. We should walk (but not on campus), ride a bike, take the bus using someone else’s fuel? Why don’t the goof’s at UMC take a hike right after they pound that sand!

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Posted by Don Anastas - June 13, 2012 at 10:32 pm

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Society Gone Wild – Like This!

Sodom and Gomorrah Gone Viral

Sodom and Gomorrah Gone Viral

Secret Service agents playing loose and fast with prostitutes in Columbia. General Services Administration (GSA) officials living high off the taxpayers money in Las Vegas. Former Rep. Anthony Weiner (NY) placing his Internet exploits online for the world to see.

I would ask just what are these people thinking about and don’t they believe they will get caught? Or don’t they care and has their arrogance gone so far people think it’s all about them and to bad what the rest of us think? Has society lost all humility and sense of decency?

My son was in Afghanistan and his “public” Facebook page went wild with his female “friends” engaging in a vulgar cat fight for everyone to see. I had to cancel or “unfriend” the linkup to clean up my personal Facebook page. Before that I posted a comment, identifying myself and telling the sluts to clean up their acts, and asked if they actually ate with their filthy mouths. That didn’t quiet them down and why should I expect it would? If people don’t have any self-respect are we to believe they would respect anyone else? This isn’t 1950s America. Ward Cleaver has been replaced with Dog the Bounty Hunter, reality TV and a host of other “entertainment” shows including untold violence depicted more like a video game instead of actual crime in the streets. That would be reality and if less glamorized maybe a wake up call.

Living large and if it feels good do it and let the world know all about it. Indiscretion is alive!

Should I be surprised? After all, Bill Clinton received oral sex in the Oval Office, lied publicly about it and is as popular as ever. Imagine that.

Daniel Henninger writes at the Wall Street Journal:

The reign of indiscretion has been a long time coming. Some say it arrived in the late 1960s or early ’70s, when constraints on behavior eased. But the new age’s booster rocket, the thing that finally killed discretion, was social media.

Social media of its nature is about compulsion and revelation. It empowered the already indiscreet. Some of social media’s indiscretions are microscopic (“She tweeted that?”), but holding nothing back has become reflexive, and so the norm.

Would anyone know about the Kardashian’s and their perpetual indiscretions if not for the Internet and the ability to exploit it? Why do people really care about a bunch of bottom dwellers who don’t mind showing their most intimate acts on video? Indiscretion proceeded by a lack of moral fiber.

Government officials wish to tell you how to live your life and they want to help you do that. Mr. Henninger continues:

A big part of the Greatest Generation’s mystique was its instinct to self-protect. On balance, they were discreet. Countless intelligence veterans of World War II and the Cold War, for example, have gone to their graves without a public peep about their successes. But when the current generation takes down Osama bin Laden, it releases a photograph of itself in the Situation Room and provides operational details of the Navy Seals’ attack plan to the media the next day. That was indiscreet.

We now have digitized photos, audio and video to help society display what used to be the most private and personal acts, all uploaded to the Internet and going viral.

Today if you’re being indiscreet you may get caught. That’s the nature of our world.

If less is more than more becomes less when you are caught for the anyone to see. We live in a free society and individuals are free to choose. A lasting society can only remain intact if it retains some moral purpose.

If not, we turn our country into the modern Sodom and Gomorrah gone viral. Or have we have we already accomplished that with no turning back? That Facebook “Like” button keeps getting clicked.

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Posted by Don Anastas - April 26, 2012 at 1:05 pm

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