Tax Dollars Promoting Obamacare – Time to Flush

Obamacare Porta Potties

Nobody wastes your money better than you, unless you don’t have money to waste. No problem, the federal government and the Obama regime has found another useless way to use your tax dollars to promote the Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare.

With hundreds of delays and waivers in place for this illegal crap sandwich buffet the “Regime” is busy using all kinds of ways to brainwash young minds into signing up for Obamacare.

All those outdoor summer concerts and state fairs shouldn’t go to waste when you can add to the fun by advertising Obamacare in porta-potties.

What about those wonderful bourbon festival, another opportunity to promote Obamacare on your dime. This is how Kentucky is using federal funds. While the Bluegrass State is promoting healthcare with Bourbon the Nanny Mayor of NYC has proposed using community transformation grant funds from Obamacare to “reduc[e] alcohol retail outlet density and illegal alcohol.” So as Kentucky is using Obamacare funds to promote alcohol consumption, New York City wants to use Obamacare funds to discourage it.

How about a video contest? Right! The regime has gotten ever so creative by promoting a contest hosted by a group called the Young Invincibles who provides some idea on how to create your very own video with a chance at winning $30,000. WOW!

  • An awesome superhero or action-movie style video showing how young people feel like invincible movie heroes. Cut back to reality to show us how, in fact, anyone can be hurt.”
  • “A video showing all the (obviously improbable) situations in which young people can be hurt – a piano falling on your head, an angry eagle soaring into your face, a space alien attack … the weirder and more outlandish the better! Go big, but please remember to stay safe!”
  • “Express the necessity for young people to have health insurance in a fun and memorable way through music

Here’s an example where Health and Human Services (HHS) launches a  partnership and video contest with Young Invincibles.


Heritage’s Nina Owcharenko and Alyene Senger explain why young adults lose Under Obamacare:

  • Costly benefit mandates: They must pay for benefits they may never use.
  • Artificially higher premiums: Their health insurance premiums will be higher simply because they are younger.
  • Trouble finding a full-time job: As more and more employers cut workers’ hours because of Obamacare’s coverage mandates, young people may find part-time jobs where full-time hours used to be.

In reality, it’s time to:

Defund Obamacare