Who’s Laughing Now? Chaos to Communism

Obama Rule - Chaos to Communism

Democracy is “Rule by Majority”. In reality, the US is a Constitutional Republic ruled by laws and branches of government elected by the people.

Democrats, named aptly, wish to only rule by an iron fist. Remember Obama after the election to Republicans – you can ride the bus but you have get in the back. WE WON!

That’s their mentality but the writing has been on the wall since the 2008 election and for anyone paying attention Obama was/is as advertised by those explaining Ayers, Dohrn, Wright, Rashid Khalidi, ties to the New Black Panthers, Saul Alinsky, Cloward-Pivens, a young Obama suing for mortgages for the poor in the 90s, Obama working for “motor-voter” laws in Illinois, ACORN and so much more.

We now have The Amateur, Roots of Obama’s Rage, the movie 2016, Atlas Shrugged but the entitlement state has grown all around us for decades and no one want’s to let go. We’re Greece on reprinted money and Obama’s next steps will put the national debt to $25 Trillion.

The quiet slogan – “A political strategy to overload the American public welfare system to the point is creates a crisis and bankrupts the nation , leaving the country no choice but to adopt a Socialist/Communist agenda.” ~ Cloward-Piven based on teachings of Saul Alinsky.

Occidental – Columbia – Harvard Law — No transcripts. What Barack Hussein Obama really learned, digested and implemented for years prior to occupying the Oval Office was not in the classroom, there were no grades given, no transcripts, only implementation of his horrible freedom draining ideology through community organizing.

Many laughed that Obama was merely a community organizer but who’s laughing now?

I’m not laughing now, the latest polls are extremely discouraging, I’m beginning to come to the reality that American’s really don’t care, the “majority” want their “fair share” no matter who it belongs to. In a crisis these people would be looters, they would break into stores or their neighbors house to get their “fair share”, they would hold you at the point of a gun for your last loaf of bread.

It’s difficult to get your arms around reality some times, we just don’t want to believe Communism could come to America but it’s been around for decades and is finally maturing with the first election of Barack Obama and the Democrat Party moving to the radical left. They used the Blue Dog Democrats to get Obamacare passed then allowed them to be voted out of office. They didn’t want moderates in their party, they got what they wanted and are working to build a consensus within their ranks that will socialize and fully corrupt America, shredding its founding documents and forever fundamentally transforming this great country into chaotic mess run not by elected officials but by rulers.

Eight weeks away – will we move forward to the abyss or will America wake up and decide its future lies in the United States Constitution?

The clock is ticking and a time bomb is attached holding your freedom and liberty in its grasp.

Obama Rule – Chaos to Communism!

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