Founders’ Solution to America’s Growing Tyranny

Convention of States

Washington DC is broken. The political class doesn’t care beyond their next election, their donor base, their lobbying base and how they can grow their power and stay in power. In fact, the political class in DC like their jobs so much many no longer take up a residence in the States they presumably represent.

We have a $17+trillion debt in the United States that is growing daily, legions of laws are being made by unelected bureaucrats, and enemies are flourishing under our inconsistent, weak-kneed foreign  policy. If the US continues on its present course, “We the People” are in danger of becoming a quaint relic of a bygone era.. It is time for more than just a change of personnel in Washington DC.

We should be thankful however, the American Founding Fathers’ were aware that just such a day might arise, when the federal government would accumulate far too much power at the expense of the people. In the US Constitution they provided us with a tool to reclaim our heritage of freedom; a Convention of States. The States, through a convention, can propose amendments to the Constitution that will bring an end to the federal government’s growing tyranny. Through a convention we can force Congress to balance the budget, overturn erroneous Supreme Court decisions, disassemble the gigantic federal bureaucracy, put term limits on federal officials, and much more.

Recently, some have raised fears that such a convention could “run away” and destroy our precious freedoms, but our Founders were wiser men than that. As with everything else, they put numerous checks and balances in place to ensure a Convention of States could never run away. The foremost among these is ratification: a Convention of States only has authority to propose amendments. Before they ever become  part of the Constitution, any proposed amendments must be ratified by 38 States, ensuring that no rogue propositions could ever make it into the Constitution. It’s high time we start using all the power we have in the Constitution to stop the growing tyranny of our federal government, so we can pass on the same legacy of freedom that we ourselves received in this great nation.

Please visit Convention of States for more information, to get involved and sign the petition.

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Posted by Don Anastas - October 16, 2014 at 12:57 pm

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Obama’s Big Secret


Obama's Big Secret

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Posted by Don Anastas - October 10, 2014 at 8:59 pm

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MoveOn.Org Marxists Get Bit, the Marxist George Soros funded anti-American website/organization thought they’d have a contest but the result wasn’t what they expected. Not only did the contest come back to haunt them it was at the expense of another billionaire and faux environmental sack of manure Tom Steyer. Also contributing to this farce of a contest is and MAYDAY PAC, a super PAC attempting to elect federal candidates who pledge to crack down on political speech.

An online advertisement (see video ad below) which goes after Steyer is actually winning the contest by collecting ten times the votes as the next most popular video.

The winning ad is promised to be aired in television “if the data shows it makes sense for the campaigns.” Of course these liars placed caveat in order to exclude the ad by American Commitment.

“America’s Biggest Hypocrite”

American Commitment president Phil Kerpen stated:

“We’ve looked at the other entries and are confident that if this is an honest contest and not a partisan charade, our entry will easily win. The winning entry in this contest should be about America’s number one fatcat campaign contributor, Tom Steyer—and we have submitted an entry to shine a spotlight on him and on the role hypocritical liberal billionaire contributors play in stoking feigned outrage about conservative donors.”

Just like Socialism/Marxism is a failed ideology and Conservatism based on the US Constitution is the proven winner in world history the Liberals have once again lost out in the contest of freedom and liberty.

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Posted by Don Anastas - October 10, 2014 at 4:19 pm

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