GOP Death Spiral Begins

GOP Official Death Spiral

I believe the GOP had begun dying  particularly in this current session when both the House and Senate were voted majorities and refused to fight Obama and his ilk on any issue. They could have went step-by-step, bill by bill to attack Planned Parenthood, illegal immigration, climate change fraud, refugee settlement,, the list goes on and on and on.

The House has its largest majority since the Civil War and they just allowed the Democrats to control the agenda and get everything they could possible imagine for giving up the ban on exporting crude oil. Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) has the temerity to declare that the Omnibus bill lifted the ban on oil exports arguing that it’s “something we’ve been trying to do for 40 years in this country. Think of what we get by removing the ban.”

It didn’t even take forty-years to send the GOP into an official death spiral. Voters are not just discouraged, they’re up in arms so much so they are overwhelmingly supporting outside-the-beltway candidates, especially Donald Trump. And why not? The bold faced liars starting with House and Senate leadership is beyond the pale. They masters of the lie go out on the campaign trail each election cycle and tell us how they’re going to change the status quo, how Conservative they are, how they are going to shake things up. What they should do is merely be honest and tell us that a vote for them is a vote for surrender to Democrats and Barack Hussein Obama.

Ryan tells us his Omnibus bill will do the following:

Protect the borders? What they’ve really done is fund the next massive wave of illegal immigrants and refugees from Muslim Terrorist countries.

Cut the budget and fiscal responsibility? The omnibus package actually appropriates an additional $112 billion over the next two years. And previous caps on spending are now gone.

Rein in Obama’s radical social agenda! Planned Parenthood has been fully funded, yes, fully funded as in zero cuts. In addition, the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights received a 7% funding increase.

Rein in Obama’s anti-energy environmental policy! Crippling regulations will continue, funding of the Global Climate Initiative will guarantee no treaty will be submitted to the Senate allowing the EPA to initiate this fraudulent deal.

Let’s give credit where credit is due. Senate Majority Leader (R-KY) is complicit in this spending spree and GOP death spiral.

The Democrat Party and the Republican Party have merged. The GOP has now surrendered with the full backing of 150 House members and 33 Senators.

WOW – the GOP avoided a government shutdown where, in reality, the government really doesn’t shut down. In fact, workers who go on furlow actually get paid to not work.

Instead of the dreaded shutdown American’s got:

A $1.1 trillion Obama-Ryan budget that will result in another deficit of over $400 billion dollars, with expenditures and grant programs for every special interest group lined up at the federal trough.

  • The 2009-page bill was unveiled at 2:00 AM on Wednesday morning and then adopted by roll call vote only two days later. How many members read it?  THAT kind of cynical chicanery was supposed to end.
  • It continues almost all of the subsidies and slush funds of the prior budget, like the 30% solar energy investment tax credit, tax breaks for race horses and film productions, while dropping over 150 restrictions on spending that were in the House-passed budget resolution.
  • Dropped from the bill at White House insistence was the ban on funding of Planned Parenthood, a prohibition of EPA’s unconstitutional expansion of carbon emission rules never authorized by Congress, and a rollback of Obama’s takeover of local zoning under an illegal expansion of the Fair Housing Act.
  • Not a single one of Obama’s several unconstitutional executive actions was defunded.
  • The bill expands the number of low-wage workers brought into the country as guest workers, guest workers who never go home because no one is enforcing the visa expiration dates.
  • The bill also expands the number of Muslim immigrants and refugees to nearly 300,000 annually.
  • It allows DHS to tap into a $1.6 billion “refugee resettlement” pot to house and then “resettle” the tens of thousands of “Unaccompanied Children” crossing our southwest border.

This suicide won’t be painless, the GOP is killing America slowly, very slowly and it will be extremely painful. Democrats & Republicans have merged. We no longer have a two party system.

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Posted by Don Anastas - December 19, 2015 at 12:57 am

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Obama Defends Terrorists Not American Rule of Law


All the Muslim terrorist front groups like CAIR have been in the US for years operating to build communities around Mosques now show to be advising top officials in the US government.

Muslim Students Association was established in America 1963 by the Muslim Brotherhood now has chapters in colleges across the continent, and is the precursor of the Islamic Society of North America. This is merely one example.

The ADAMS Center was founded by senior Muslim Brotherhood leaders including Ahmed Totonji who still resides in Northern Virginia and was the Chairman of the Board for the ADAMS Center. Totonji also founded major Muslim Brotherhood organizations including the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), the SAFA Trust (raided by the FBI),and others.

Moreover, the Executive Director of the ADAMS Center – Imam Mohamed Magid – is the outgoing President of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), identified by the Department of Justice and FBI as the “nucleus” for the Muslim Brotherhood’s Movement in America and a funding support entity for Hamas, a designated terrorist organization.

ISNA remains an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing and Hamas trial ever successfully prosecuted in American history (US v Holy Land Foundation, Dallas, 2008).

ADAMS also states on their website that 1/8 of all the Zakat they collect goes to JIHAD…terrorism.

And this is the place the Secretary of Homeland Security decided to go to talk about the “civil rights” of Muslims this past week.

At what point do we collectively realize leaders like this cannot claim ignorance of the enemy at this level. Therefore, a rational person would surmise Secretary Johnson is aware ISNA and ADAMS are enemy entities, yet he is going to provide support to them none-the-less.

In these times, Americans have a number of enemies. In this case, there is the identifiable jihadi threat from organizations like ISNA, NAIT, MPAC, CAIR and so many others. The enemy also includes senior government officials like Secretary Johnson who is aiding and abetting a Hamas support entity whose doctrine states it is waging “civilization jihad” against us to “destroy America from within” in order to establish and Islamic state under Sharia (Islamic Law).

Seems like that Mr. Johnson’s continued efforts to protect and support enemies of the United States meets the legal criteria of Treason, much like his colleague in the Attorney General’s office.

18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason: Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death,or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

The American government has catastrophically failed to do it’s most basic duty of knowing the enemy and defeating him. Now the battlefield will be the streets of America, and the tough decisions are left to the states and local communities..

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Posted by Don Anastas - December 12, 2015 at 3:29 pm

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Released Illegals Still Committing Crimes

Criminal Immigration

Regardless of an illegal border crosser into the United States past criminal record they’ve committed a crime as soon as they enter America illegally.

Call them what you wish, illegal immigrants, illegal aliens, undocumented criminals, immigrant criminals, I call them non-citizen criminals and they need to be incarcerated, then deported deep into the country they came from not just dropped off over the border.

If they’ve committed more crimes while in the United States than the law applies and they should be tried. Yes, there is a cost to American taxpayers but what’s the cost of having criminals roam the streets? Now it’s becoming epidemic.

According to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) at least 179,000 illegals have been caught and released onto to streets of America. The kicker is they are committing crimes each day they are free. The Obama administration has kept the release of violent non-citizen criminals a secret.

“Many criminals remain in our communities,” Grassley said. “When will enough be enough? Even those with violent criminal histories aren’t being removed as promised … American citizens are paying the price while law enforcement officers are instructed to look the other way.”

Arizona law enforcement officials said they have been kept in the dark of such events.

“As pressure mounted, ICE admitted they did release illegals with minor criminal offenses,” the law enforcement source said. “Eventually, they confirmed they did release violent criminal illegals including those convicted of murder, aggravated assault, robbery, kidnapping, and sex crimes.”

“We are not sure why they began to release criminals into the community without notifying local law-enforcement or why they just started to make notifications after two years,” the law enforcement source said.

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said:

“New crimes are committed every day by criminal aliens, so while we’re not seeing a decrease in crimes committed across this country, we are seeing a decrease in the removals of criminal aliens.”

I don’t believe this is by accident, it’s part of the Barack Hussein Obama agenda – Fundamental Transformation of America. Don’t enforce the laws, don’t abide by the US Constitution.

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Posted by Don Anastas - December 2, 2015 at 6:18 pm

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